Business and Professions Code – BPC § 4060

BPC § 4060. Possession of controlled substance

A person shall not possess any controlled substance, except that furnished to a person upon the prescription of a physician, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, veterinarian, or naturopathic doctor pursuant to Section 3640.7 , or furnished pursuant to a drug order issued by a certified nurse-midwife pursuant to Section 2746.51 , a nurse practitioner pursuant to Section 2836.1 , a physician assistant pursuant to Section 3502.1 , a naturopathic doctor pursuant to Section 3640.5 , or a pharmacist pursuant to Section 4052.1 4052.2 , or 4052.6 .  This section does not apply to the possession of any controlled substance by a manufacturer, wholesaler, third-party logistics provider, pharmacy, pharmacist, physician, podiatrist, dentist, optometrist, veterinarian, naturopathic doctor, certified nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, if in stock in containers correctly labeled with the name and address of the supplier or producer.This section does not authorize a certified nurse-midwife, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or a naturopathic doctor, to order his or her own stock of dangerous drugs and devices.