Business and Professions Code – BPC § 6401

This chapter does not apply to any person engaged in any of the following occupations, provided that the person does not also perform the duties of a legal document assistant in addition to those occupations:

(a) Any government employee who is acting in the course of his or her employment.

(b) A member of the State Bar of California, or his or her employee, paralegal, or agent, or an independent contractor while acting on behalf of a member of the State Bar.

(c) Any employee of a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation who either assists clients free of charge or is supervised by a member of the State Bar of California who has malpractice insurance.

(d) A licensed real estate broker or licensed real estate salesperson, as defined in Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 10130 ) of Part 1 of Division 4, who acts pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 10131 on an unlawful detainer claim as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 6400 , and who is a party to the unlawful detainer action.

(e) An immigration consultant, as defined in Chapter 19.5 (commencing with Section 22441 ) of Division 8.

(f) A person registered as a process server under Chapter 16 (commencing with Section 22350 ) or a person registered as a professional photocopier under Chapter 20 (commencing with Section 22450 ) of Division 8.

(g) A person who provides services relative to the preparation of security instruments or conveyance documents as an integral part of the provision of title or escrow service.

(h) A person who provides services that are regulated by federal law.

(i) A person who is employed by, and provides services to, a supervised financial institution, holding company, subsidiary, or affiliate.