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Labor Code § 1770

General prevailing wage rate; Determination; Payment of more than prevailing rate; Overtime work

The Director of the Department of Industrial Relations shall determine the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in accordance with the standards set forth in Section 1773, and the director’s determination in the matter shall be final except as provided in Section 1773.4. Nothing in this article, however, shall prohibit the payment of more than the general prevailing rate of wages to any worker employed on public work. This chapter does not permit any overtime work in violation of Article 3.


Added Stats 1937 ch 90, effective August 27, 1937. Amended Stats 1953 ch 1706 § 2; Stats 1976 ch 281 § 2; Stats 2017 ch 28 § 17 (SB 96), effective June 27, 2017.

California Labor Code 1770