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Health And Safety Code § 1639

Rules and regulations; Minimum standards; Report to Legislature

(a) The department may adopt rules and regulations governing the administration and enforcement of this chapter.

(b) Regulations adopted by the department may include minimum standards for the following:

(1) Safe preservation, transportation, storage, and handling of tissue acquired or used for transplantation.
(2) Testing of donors to determine compatibility when appropriate.
(3) Testing or assessment of donors to prevent the spread of disease through transplantation.
(4) Equipment.
(5) Methods.
(6) Personnel qualifications.
(7) Any other area concerning the operation or maintenance of a tissue bank, not inconsistent with this chapter, as may be necessary to carry out this chapter.

(c) The department shall report to the Legislature by January 1, 2004, on the status of the regulations developed pursuant to this section.


Added Stats 1991 ch 801 § 2 (AB 2209). Amended Stats 2003 ch 464 § 1 (SB 617).

California Tissue Bank License