Currrent as of February 4, 2022

Code of Civil Procedure § 2025.310

Deposition via remote means; Who must appear in person; Procedures.

(a) At the election of the deponent or the deposing party, the deposition officer may attend the deposition at a different location than the deponent via remote means. A deponent is not required to be physically present with the deposition officer when being sworn in at the time of the deposition.

(b) Subject to Section 2025.420, any party or attorney of record may, but is not required to, be physically present at the deposition at the location of the deponent.

(c) The procedures to implement this section shall be established by court order in the specific action or proceeding or by the California Rules of Court.

(d) An exercise of the authority granted by subdivision (a) or (b) does not waive any other provision of this title, including, but not limited to, provisions regarding the time, place, or manner in which a deposition shall be conducted.

(e) This section does not alter or amend who may lawfully serve as a deposition officer pursuant to this title or who otherwise may administer oaths pursuant to Sections 2093 and 2094 of this code or Section 8201 of the Government Code.


Added Stats 2004 ch 182 § 23 (AB 3081), operative July 1, 2005. Amended Stats 2020 ch 112 § 3 (SB 1146), effective September 18, 2020.

CCP 2025.310