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(a) No person shall operate a water-bottling plant, a private water source, or be a bottled water distributor in this state except pursuant to a license issued by the department.  If a person has a valid water-bottling plant license issued by the department, additional license fees for a private water source operator, a retail water facility, a water hauler, or a bottled water distributor based and operating at the same address, shall not be required.

(b) No person shall own or operate a water-vending machine or a retail water facility or be a water hauler, except pursuant to a license issued by the department or to a permit issued by a local health department.

(c) It shall be unlawful for any person to bottle, collect, treat, hold, distribute, haul, vend, or sell bottled water, vended water, operate a retail water facility, or operate a private water source without the license as required by this article.  Any bottled water or vended water dispensed by a retail water facility or a private water source that is not licensed in compliance with this article is misbranded and may be embargoed pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 111120 .

(d) It shall be unlawful for a water bottler, distributor, vendor, retail water facility operator, or private water source operator to sell or otherwise distribute water that is adulterated, as defined in Section 110445 110545 110560 , or 110565 , or that is misbranded as defined in Article 6 (commencing with Section 110660 ) of Chapter 5.

(e) For the purposes of enforcing this section, water may be embargoed pursuant to Section 111860 in its immediate container, well, spring, spring vault, holding tank, water hauling vehicle, retail water treatment system, spigot, or pipe if there is reasonable cause to believe that it is adulterated.

(f) Any retail water facility, water vendor, or water hauler that violates this article may be subjected to the same penalty and enforcement procedure provided for violation of this article by a water bottling facility.