Education Code § 28002

(a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), an employer reemploying a participant with service subject to the requirements of Chapter 43 (commencing with Section 4301 ) of Title 38 of the United States Code, shall be liable to remit the employer contributions provided that employer employed the participant immediately prior to the eligible period of service in the uniformed services.  The contribution rate by the employer shall be to the same extent as that for contributions to the Cash Balance Benefit Program for other employees during the same period.  In addition to contributions due pursuant to this subdivision, the employer shall remit an amount that is the equivalent of the full cost of any interest and additional earnings credits credited pursuant to Section 28001 .  The employer shall provide information regarding the reemployment of a participant who is subject to Chapter 43 (commencing with Section 4301 ) of Title 38 of the United States Code on a form prescribed by the system within 30 days of the date of reemployment.  Following receipt of that notice, the system shall calculate in accordance with Section 28003 the total amount of employer contributions due for the participant for the full period of service in the uniformed services.  Within 60 working days of notification by the plan of amount due, the employer shall remit to the plan all employer contributions.

(b) The employer shall not be liable for employer contributions for the period of service in the uniformed services if the participant elects not to remit the employee contributions for that period through the employer as required under Section 28001 .  In the event the participant does not remit all of the employee contributions within the prescribed repayment period, the total amount of the employer contributions that were remitted for that period shall be adjusted pursuant to Section 26302 .