Education Code § 44372

The powers and duties of the commission regarding the accreditation system shall include the following:

(a) Adopt and implement an accreditation framework, which sets forth the policies of the commission regarding the accreditation of educator preparation in California.

(b) Establish and modify credential-specific standards, experimental program standards, and alternative program standards, as defined in the adopted accreditation framework.

(c) Rule on the eligibility of an applicant for accreditation when the applying institution has not previously prepared educators for state certification in California, pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 44227 .

(d) Appoint and reappoint the members of the Committee on Accreditation, in accordance with Section 44373 , by selecting among nominees submitted by a panel of distinguished educators.

(e) Review periodic accreditation reports by the Committee on Accreditation, and refer accreditation issues and concerns to the committee for its examination and response.

(f) Hear and resolve appeals of accreditation decisions, pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 44374 .

(g) Allocate resources annually for implementation of the accreditation system.

(h) With the Committee on Accreditation, jointly design an evaluation of accreditation policies and their implementation.

(i) Inform and advise the Legislature regarding statutory issues related to accreditation, and submit legislative recommendations, after considering the advice of the Committee on Accreditation, educational institutions, and professional organizations.