Education Code § 49465

(a) The agencies enumerated in Section 49460 shall only be required to implement this article upon the availability of funds received from the private sector and state funds appropriated for the purposes of this article in a total amount sufficient to cover all costs relating to the implementation and continuing administration of this article.

(b) The California State University shall notify all participating entities, including school districts, the State Department of Education, the State Department of Health Services, the State Department of Social Services, and the University of California when sufficient funds are available to meet the requirements specified in subdivision (a).

(c) All funds received from the private sector under this article shall be deposited in the State Treasury and are continuously appropriated to the California State University, which shall allocate those funds to participating agencies to reimburse those agencies for costs incurred in carrying out this article.  The amounts allocated to the State Department of Education shall include amounts sufficient to reimburse participating school districts for any costs incurred pursuant to this article.

(d) No school district shall be required to participate in the assessments unless it is reimbursed from those funds for all costs incurred pursuant to this article.

(e) It is the intent of the Legislature that each fiscal year funds be appropriated to the California State University for the purposes of this article in an amount equal to the private sector funds received for those purposes for the relevant fiscal year, up to a maximum of one hundred twenty thousand dollars ($120,000) in state funds in any fiscal year.  Under no circumstances shall state funds appropriated for the purposes of this article be apportioned in any fiscal year until the private funds necessary to fully fund the assessment required by this article have been received.

(f) Reimbursements pursuant to this section shall be limited to the amounts and purposes specified in the collaborative agreement described in Section 49460 .