Education Code § 88036

A classified employee who works a minimum of 30 minutes per day in excess of his or her part-time assignment for a period of 20 consecutive working days or more shall have his or her basic assignment changed to reflect the longer hours in order to acquire fringe benefits on a properly prorated basis as specified in Section 88035 .

If a part-time employee’s average paid time, excluding overtime for which the employee receives compensation at a rate at least equal to time and one-half, exceeds his or her average assigned time by 50 minutes or more per working day in any quarter, the hours paid per day for compensable leaves of absence and holidays in the succeeding quarter shall be equivalent to the average hours paid per working day in the preceding quarter, excluding overtime.

Except where vacation entitlement is accrued on the basis of actual hours of paid regular service, vacation entitlement shall be based on the average number of hours worked per working day during the portion of the college year in which the employee is assigned to duty.

It is the intent of the Legislature, in enacting this section, to ensure that part-time employees are accorded fringe benefits on an appropriate prorated basis with full recognition given to the number of hours worked by the part-time employee, rather than on the basis of time fixed to the position when the fixed time is not reasonably correlated with the actual time worked.  This section is to be liberally construed in order that Section 88035 may not be circumvented by requiring employees to work in excess of the regularly fixed hours for a position on an overtime basis, but for which premium pay is not provided nor appropriate adjustment is not made in fringe benefit entitlement.