Elections Code – ELEC § 12112

(a) At least 90 days, and not more than 120 days, before the day fixed for the general district election, the elections official of the principal county shall publish a notice of the election once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the district or, if no such newspaper is published in the district, in a newspaper having general circulation in the district published in any affected county in the district.  The notice shall contain the date of the general district election, name the offices for which candidates may file, and state the qualifications required by the principal act for each office.  The notice shall state the location where official declarations of candidacy for eligible candidates desiring to file for any of the elective offices may be obtained, the office in which completed declarations of candidacy are required to be filed, and the date and time after which no declarations of candidacy may be accepted for filing.  The notice shall state that appointment to each elective office will be made as prescribed by Section 10515 in the event there are no nominees or an insufficient number of nominees for the office and a petition for an election is not filed with the elections official within the time period prescribed by Section 10515 .

(b) In addition to the requirements of subdivision (a), the county elections official shall, by a general press release, set forth both of the following:

(1) The elective offices of the district to be filled at the ensuing district election.

(2) A telephone number that voters of the district may utilize in order to obtain information regarding filing for the elective district office.