Elections Code – ELEC § 8062

(a) The number of registered voters required to sign a nomination paper for the respective offices are as follows:

(1) State office or United States Senate, not fewer than 65 nor more than 100.

(2) House of Representatives in Congress, State Senate or Assembly, State Board of Equalization, or any office voted for in more than one county, and not statewide, not fewer than 40 nor more than 60.

(3) Candidacy in a single county or any political subdivision of a county, other than State Senate or Assembly, not fewer than 20 nor more than 40.

(4) With respect to a candidate for a political party committee, if any political party has fewer than 50 voters in the state or in the county or district in which the election is to be held, one-tenth the number of voters of the party.

(5) If there are fewer than 150 voters in the county or district in which the election is to be held, not fewer than 10 nor more than 20.

(b) The provisions of this section are mandatory, not directory, and no nomination paper shall be deemed sufficient that does not comply with this section.  However, this subdivision shall not be construed to prohibit withdrawal of signatures pursuant to Section 8067 .  This subdivision also shall not be construed to prohibit a court from validating a signature which was previously rejected upon showing of proof that the voter whose signature is in question is otherwise qualified to sign the nomination paper.