Public Resources Code – PRC § 40131.2

(a) “Engineered municipal solid waste conversion” or “EMSW conversion” means the conversion of solid waste through a process that meets all of the following requirements:

(1) The waste to be converted is beneficial and effective in that it replaces or supplements the use of fossil fuels.

(2) The waste to be converted, the resulting ash, and any other products of conversion do not meet the criteria or guidelines for the identification of a hazardous waste adopted by the Department of Toxic Substances Control pursuant to Section 25141 of the Health and Safety Code .

(3) The conversion is efficient and maximizes the net calorific value and burn rate of the waste.

(4) The waste to be converted contains less than 25 percent moisture and less than 25 percent noncombustible waste.

(5) The waste received at the facility for conversion is handled in compliance with the requirements for the handling of solid waste imposed pursuant to this division, and no more than a seven-day supply of that waste, based on the throughput capacity of the operation or facility, is stored at the facility at any one time.

(6) No more than 500 tons per day of waste is converted at the facility where the operation takes place.

(7) The waste has an energy content equal to, or greater than, 5,000 BTU per pound.

(8) The waste to be converted is mechanically processed at a transfer or processing station to reduce the fraction of chlorinated plastics and materials.

(b) “Engineered municipal solid waste conversion facility” or “EMSW facility” means a facility where municipal solid waste conversion that meets the requirements of subdivision (a) takes place.

(c) Notwithstanding Section 40201 , a transformation facility where solid waste conversion takes place that meets all of the requirements of subdivision (a) may elect to be considered an EMSW facility for purposes of this division and Division 31 (commencing with Section 50000 ), except that if a portion of a transformation facility’s operations does not meet the requirements of subdivision (a), the facility shall be considered to be a transformation facility.