FAC § 73201

As soon as possible and no later than 60 days after the effective date of this chapter, the director shall establish a list of producers eligible to vote on implementation of this chapter.  In establishing this list, the director may require each handler, with respect to those producers whose navel oranges the handler markets, and each county agricultural commissioner, with respect to the producer with bearing acreage within the county, to submit the name and mailing address of, and the volume, if known, shipped by, each producer.  The request for this information shall be in writing.  The information required by the director shall be filed within 30 days following receipt of the written notice.

Any producer, whose name does not appear upon the director’s list of producers affected, may have his or her name included on the list by filing with the director a signed statement identifying himself or herself as a producer.  Failure to be on this list does not exempt the producer from paying assessments under this chapter.

Additionally, the director may use other sources of information necessary to secure that information to establish the list.