Family Code – FAM § 3765

(a) The obligor may move to quash a health insurance coverage assignment order as provided in this section if the obligor declares under penalty of perjury that there is error on any of the following grounds:

(1) No order to maintain health insurance has been issued under Article 1 (commencing with Section 3750 ).

(2) The amount to be withheld for premiums is greater than that permissible under Article 1 (commencing with Section 3750 ) or greater than the amount otherwise ordered by the court.

(3) The amount of the increased premium is unreasonable.

(4) The alleged obligor is not the obligor from whom health insurance coverage is due.

(5) The child is or will be otherwise provided health care coverage.

(6) The employer’s choice of coverage is inappropriate.

(b) The motion and notice of motion to quash the assignment order, including the declaration required by subdivision (a), shall be filed with the court issuing the assignment order within 15 days after delivery of a copy of the order to the obligor pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 3764 .  The court clerk shall set the motion for hearing not less than 15 days, nor more than 30 days, after receipt of the notice of motion.  The clerk shall, within five days after receipt of the notice of motion, deliver a copy of the notice of motion to (1) the district attorney personally or by first-class mail, and (2) the applicant and the employer or other person providing health insurance, at the appropriate addresses contained in the application, by first-class mail.

(c) Upon a finding of error described in subdivision (a), the court shall quash the assignment.