Government Code – GOV § 26110

(a) A county board of supervisors may, by ordinance, provide for the following commercial uses of county property listed in subdivision (b) provided that:  (1) a county of the first class develops a viable marketing plan, and (2) all other counties comply with all of the following:

(1) Consults with a qualified licensing agent to develop a viable marketing plan.  The plan shall identify marketing and licensing opportunities, including, but not limited to, the sale of advertising space, and the provision of nonexclusive and exclusive designation promotions.  The plan shall outline a method for evaluating both the revenue potential of proposed contracts, and the future revenue impact of a proposed contract.  The plan shall establish procedures for comparing the revenue potential of alternative contracts, and for auditing a licensee’s performance.  The plan shall detail short-term and long-term revenue goals.

(2) Adopts by resolution a county marketing plan.

(3) Annually reviews the marketing plan and reviews the performance of contracts.  The board of supervisors shall by resolution adopt the findings of the annual review.

(b) A county board of supervisors may provide for the following commercial uses of county property consistent with the county marketing plan:

(1) The licensing, for a fee or other consideration, of the private commercial use of a county name, logo, or other intellectual property, or the depiction of county property.

(2) The donation of facilities or informational brochures, messages, or broadcasts which publicize acknowledgment of a sponsor’s financial assistance.

(c) Agreements to confer any of the rights enumerated in this section and acknowledgment of donated moneys, goods, or services may be made in the manner and under terms and conditions approved by the supervisors.  Any agreement which a county seeks to enter into pursuant to this section shall be presented at a duly noticed public hearing of a legislative body, as that term is defined by Sections 54952.2 and 54952.3 ,   1 in strict compliance with the requirements of Section 54954.2 .

(d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to empower a county to enter into any commercial arrangement under which the logo of a county or any of its departments can be reproduced and distributed in a manner to enable impersonation of a county official or safety employee.

(e) Nothing in this section is intended to vest in any person the right to enter into a marketing agreement with a county.