Government Code – GOV § 69740

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each trial court shall determine the number and location of sessions of the court necessary for the prompt disposition of the business before the court.  In making this determination, the court shall consider, among other factors, the impact of this provision on court employees pursuant to Section 71634 , the availability and adequacy of facilities for holding the court session at the specific location, the efficiency and cost of holding the session at the specific location, any applicable security issues, and the convenience to the parties and the public served by the court.  Nothing in this section precludes a session from being held in a building other than a courthouse.

(b) In appropriate circumstances, upon agreement of the presiding judges of the courts, and in the discretion of the court, the location of a session may be outside the county, except that the consent of the parties shall be necessary to the holding of a criminal jury trial outside the county.  The venue of a case for which session is held outside the county pursuant to this section shall be deemed to be the home county of the court in which the matter was filed.  Nothing in this section shall provide a party with the right to seek a change of venue unless otherwise provided by statute.  No party shall have any right to request the court to exercise its discretion under this section.

(c) The Judicial Council may adopt rules to address an appropriate mechanism for sharing of expenses and resources between the court holding the session and the court hosting the session.