Government Code – GOV § 70303

(a) The Court Facilities Dispute Resolution Committee is hereby created to hear and determine disputes between a county and the Judicial Council as specified by this chapter.

(b) The committee shall consist of the following members:

(1) One person selected by the California State Association of Counties.

(2) One person selected by the Judicial Council.

(3) One person selected by the Director of Finance.

(c) The committee shall hear and make recommendations to the Director of Finance for determinations in disputes involving the following matters:

(1) Buildings rejected for transfer of responsibility because of deficiencies as provided in Section 70328 .

(2) Failure to reach agreement on transfer of responsibility for a building as provided in Section 70333 .

(3) Disputes regarding the appropriateness of expenditures from a local courthouse construction fund as provided in Section 70403 .

(4) County appeal of a county facilities payment amount as provided in Section 70366 .

(5) Administrative Office of the Courts appeal of a county facilities payment amount as provided in Section 70367 .

(d) Upon receipt of the recommendation from the committee, the Director of Finance shall make the final determination of the issue in dispute.

(e) The expenses of members of the committee shall be paid for by the agency or organization selecting the member.

(f) The Judicial Council, the California State Association of Counties, and the Department of Finance shall jointly provide for staff assistance to the committee.

(g) Regulations and rules adopted by the committee shall be exempt from review and approval or other processing by the Office of Administrative Law required by Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340 ) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2.