Health and Safety Code – HSC § 11650

(a) Prosecution for any violation of law occurring prior to the effective date of this division is not affected or abated by this division.  If the offense being prosecuted is similar to one set out in Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 11350 ) of this division, then the penalties under Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 11350 ) apply if they are less than those under prior law.

(b) Civil seizures or forfeitures and injunctive proceedings commenced prior to effective date of this division are not affected by this division.

(c) All administrative proceedings pending under prior laws which are superseded by this division shall be continued and brought to a final determination in accord with the laws and rules in effect prior to the effective date of this division.  Any substance controlled under prior law which is not listed within Schedules I through V, is automatically controlled without further proceedings and shall be listed in the appropriate schedule.

(d) This division applies to violations of law, seizures and forfeiture, injunctive proceedings, administrative proceedings and investigations which occur on or after the effective date of this division.