Health and Safety Code – HSC § 18075

(a) Except as provided in Section 18075.7 , all manufactured homes, mobilehomes, commercial coaches, truck campers, and floating homes shall be subject to the provisions of this code for the purposes of titling and registration.

(b) The department may adopt and amend, as necessary, regulations to implement, interpret, and make specific the provisions of this chapter.  The department shall provide for an orderly and economical transfer of registrations and titles for manufactured homes, mobilehomes, commercial coaches, and floating homes previously issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles to those issued by the department.  Any registration, title, or decal issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles shall be valid until renewed, replaced, transferred, suspended, or revoked.

(c) The department may, but shall not be required to, establish a schedule of fees to pay the costs of work related to administration and enforcement of this chapter, except where the fees are expressly stated herein.