Health and Safety Code – HSC § 42316

(a) The Great Basin Air Pollution Control District may require the City of Los Angeles to undertake reasonable measures, including studies, to mitigate the air quality impacts of its activities in the production, diversion, storage, or conveyance of water and may require the city to pay, on an annual basis, reasonable fees, based on an estimate of the actual costs to the district of its activities associated with the development of the mitigation measures and related air quality analysis with respect to those activities of the city.  The mitigation measures shall not affect the right of the city to produce, divert, store, or convey water and, except for studies and monitoring activities, the mitigation measures may only be required or amended on the basis of substantial evidence establishing that water production, diversion, storage, or conveyance by the city causes or contributes to violations of state or federal ambient air quality standards.

(b) The city may appeal any measures or fees imposed by the district to the state board within 30 days of the adoption of the measures or fees.  The state board, on at least 30 days’ notice, shall conduct an independent hearing on the validity of the measures or reasonableness of the fees which are the subject of the appeal.  The decision of the state board shall be in writing and shall be served on both the district and the city.  Pending a decision by the state board, the city shall not be required to comply with any measures which have been appealed.  Either the district or the city may bring a judicial action to challenge a decision by the state board under this section.  The action shall be brought pursuant to Section 1094.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure and shall be filed within 30 days of service of the decision of the state board.

(c) A violation of any measure imposed by the district pursuant to this section is a violation of an order of the district within the meaning of Sections 41513 and 42402 .

(d) The district shall have no authority with respect to the water production, diversion, storage, and conveyance activities of the city except as provided in this section.  Nothing in this section exempts a geothermal electric generating plant from permit or other district requirements.