Insurance Code – INS § 10119

On and after the operative date of this section:

(a) No policy of disability insurance which, in addition to covering the insured, also covers members of the insured’s immediate family, may be issued or amended in this state if it contains any disclaimer, waiver, or other limitation of coverage relative to the accident and sickness coverage or insurability of newborn infants of an insured from and after the moment of birth or of any minor child placed with an insured for adoption from and after the moment the child is placed in the physical custody of the insured for adoption.

(b) Each such policy of disability insurance shall contain a provision granting immediate accident and sickness coverage to each newborn infant of, and each minor child placed for adoption with, any insured as required by subdivision (a).

(c) A policy of disability insurance, self-insured care coverage, employee welfare benefit plan, or nonprofit hospital service plan, shall comply with the standards set forth in Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 3750 ) of Part 1 of Division 9 of the Family Code and Section 14124.94 of the Welfare and Institutions Code .