Currrent as of February 4, 2022

Penal Code § 594.2

Possession of specified instruments with intent to commit vandalism or graffiti

(a) Every person who possesses a masonry or glass drill bit, a carbide drill bit, a glass cutter, a grinding stone, an awl, a chisel, a carbide scribe, an aerosol paint container, a felt tip marker, or any other marking substance with the intent to commit vandalism or graffiti, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(b) As a condition of probation for any violation of this section, the court may order the defendant to perform community service not to exceed 90 hours during a time other than his or her hours of school attendance or employment.

(c) For the purposes of this section:

(1) “Felt tip marker” means any broad-tipped marker pen with a tip exceeding three-eighths of one inch in width, or any similar implement containing an ink that is not water soluble.

(2) “Marking substance” means any substance or implement, other than aerosol paint containers and felt tip markers, that could be used to draw, spray, paint, etch, or mark.


Added Stats 1993 ch 605 § 6 (AB 1179). Amended Stats 1994 ch 911 § 1 (SB 583).

PC 594.2