Penal Code PC § 11107

Each sheriff or police chief executive shall furnish all of the following information to the Department of Justice on standard forms approved by the department:

Daily reports of those misdemeanors and felonies that are required to be reported by the Attorney General including, but not limited to, forgery, fraud-bunco, bombings, receiving or selling stolen property, safe and commercial burglary, grand theft, child abuse, homicide, threats, and offenses involving lost, stolen, found, pledged, or pawned property.

The reports required by this section shall describe the nature and character of each such crime and note all particular circumstances thereof and include all additional or supplemental data.  The Attorney General may also require that the report shall indicate whether or not the submitting agency considers the information to be confidential because it was compiled for the purpose of a criminal investigation of suspected criminal activities.  The term “criminal investigation” includes the gathering and maintenance of information pertaining to suspected criminal activity.