Vehicle Code – VC 5014.1

(a) Upon the implementation of the permanent trailer identification plate program, the following applies:

(1) All trailers, except in cases where the registrant has elected to apply for trailer identification plates pursuant to Section 5014 or the trailer is exempt from registration pursuant to Section 36100 or 36109 , shall receive an identification certificate upon conversion to the permanent trailer identification program.  The following trailers, except as provided in Section 5101 , may be assigned a trailer identification plate by the department in accordance with this section or an election may be made to keep the current plate on the expiration date of registration:

(A) Logging dolly.

(B) Pole or pipe dolly.

(C) Semitrailer.

(D) Trailer.

(E) Trailer bus.

(2) An auxiliary dolly or tow dolly may be assigned a permanent trailer identification plate.

(3) Trailer coaches and park trailers, as described in subdivision (b) of Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code , are exempted from the permanent trailer identification plate program.

(b) The permanent trailer identification plate shall be in a size and design as determined by the department.

(c) The permanent trailer identification plate and the permanent trailer identification certificate shall not expire as long as the appropriate fees have been paid.

(d) Upon sale or transfer of the trailer or semitrailer, the assigned permanent trailer identification plate shall remain with the trailer or semitrailer for the life of the vehicle except as provided in Section 5101 .  Upon transfer of ownership, a new identification certificate shall be issued and the transferee shall pay a fee of seven dollars ($7).

(e) A service fee, sufficient to pay at least the entire actual costs to the department, not to exceed twenty dollars ($20) shall be assessed by the department upon converting to the permanent trailer identification program.

(f) A fee of seven dollars ($7) for substitute permanent trailer identification plates or certificates shall be charged.

(g) All valid trailer and semitrailer license plates and registration indicia that were issued under this code prior to December 31, 2001, upon which is affixed a permanent trailer identification sticker issued by the department, may be displayed in lieu of a permanent trailer identification plate as described in Sections 5011 and 5014 .

(h) Every trailer that is submitted for original registration in this state shall be issued a permanent trailer identification plate and identification certificate.

(i) A service fee of ten dollars ($10) shall be charged for each vehicle renewing identification plates pursuant to this section.  These plates shall be renewed on the anniversary date of either the trailer plate expiration date or the date of issuance of the original permanent trailer identification plate, every five calendar years commencing December 31, 2006.