Education Code § 8264.8

 Until the Superintendent of Public Instruction promulgates regulations for center-based programs establishing staffing ratios, the following staffing ratios shall apply:

(a) Infants, 0 to 2 years old–1:3 adult-child ratio, 1:18 teacher-child ratio.

(b) Infants and toddlers, 0 to 2 years old–1:4 adult-child ratio, 1:16 teacher-child ratio.

(c) Children 3 to 6 years old–1:8 adult-child ratio, 1:24 teacher-child ratio.

(d) Children 6 to 10 years old–1:14 adult-child ratio, 1:28 teacher-child ratio.

(e) Children 10 to 13 years old–1:18 adult-child ratio, 1:36 teacher-child ratio.

(f) If groups of children of varying ages are commingled, the teacher and adult ratios shall be proportionate and appropriate to the ages and groups of children.