Streets and Highways Code – SHC § 580.2

 (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law and subject to subdivision (b), the department shall convey to the City and County of San Francisco, at no cost, the title to real property originally acquired by the department for the portion of Route 280 which was subsequently withdrawn from the Interstate System, which is jointly determined by the department and the City and County of San Francisco to be required for rights-of-way for the substitute transportation projects approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

(b) The department shall not convey title to that real property, unless the City and County of San Francisco agrees to assume full responsibility for any unsatisfied contractual and legal obligations incurred by the department when the department acquired the property.

(c) If the real property ceases to be used for one of the six substitute projects that were included in the I-280 Transfer Concept Program which was reported to the Federal Highway Administration on June 19, 1986, title to the real property shall revert to the department.