Vehicle Code – VC 40310

The Judicial Council shall annually adopt a uniform traffic penalty schedule which shall be applicable to all nonparking infractions specified in this code, unless in a particular case before the court the judge or authorized hearing officer specifies a different penalty.  No penalty shall be established for any infraction in an amount, exclusive of any additional penalty levied pursuant to Section 1464 of the Penal Code , in excess of the amount of the maximum fine pursuant to Section 42001 or 42001.5 , and penalties shall be set without regard to residence.  In case a traffic penalty is not paid within 20 days following mailing of a notice that the penalty has been assessed, a late charge shall be due in the amount of 50 percent of total initial penalty.

In establishing a uniform traffic penalty schedule, the Judicial Council shall classify the offenses into four or fewer penalty categories, according to the severity of offenses, so as to permit convenient notice and payment of the scheduled penalty.