Welfare and Institutions Code – WIC § 6602

(a) A judge of the superior court shall review the petition and shall determine whether there is probable cause to believe that the individual named in the petition is likely to engage in sexually violent predatory criminal behavior upon his or her release.  The person named in the petition shall be entitled to assistance of counsel at the probable cause hearing.  Upon the commencement of the probable cause hearing, the person shall remain in custody pending the completion of the probable cause hearing.  If the judge determines there is not probable cause, he or she shall dismiss the petition and any person subject to parole shall report to parole.  If the judge determines that there is probable cause, the judge shall order that the person remain in custody in a secure facility until a trial is completed and shall order that a trial be conducted to determine whether the person is, by reason of a diagnosed mental disorder, a danger to the health and safety of others in that the person is likely to engage in acts of sexual violence upon his or her release from the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation or other secure facility.

(b) The probable cause hearing shall not be continued except upon a showing of good cause by the party requesting the continuance.

(c) The court shall notify the State Department of State Hospitals of the outcome of the probable cause hearing by forwarding to the department a copy of the minute order of the court within 15 days of the decision.