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Periods of adversity affect every business. Contact our skilled small business lawyers in Los Angeles if you need legal services.

Douglas Wade, Attorney

Los Angeles can be an excellent place to run a small business with its gorgeous weather, ocean views, and five-star restaurants. However, even in sunny LA, the reality is that lawsuits occur. In the business sector, competition remains fierce, and although we would like to think that every company is run with altruism, that is not the case. If your business is in need of legal services, or involved in a lawsuit, contact the Nakase Wade. The law firm California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer provides attorney services to small business in Los Angeles.

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Our attorneys can provide consultation, answers, and advice regarding your dispute and resolve it quickly and with a slight loss of time or money. Unfortunately, business litigation can grow complex very quickly, and what begins on simple terms can become overwhelming. This is when problems occur. Therefore, you must find representation in the initial phases of the dispute, whatever the conflict is regarding. A small business lawyer from Nakase Wade will listen to the issues and offer options. When a path is selected, the lawyer will create a convincing argument that combines innovation and flexibility and move towards a solution.

Experienced in Solving Problems

Our attorneys have helped solve the problems of small businesses in Los Angeles for years. Based on this, we are familiar with the rules and regulations of this famous California city. Every member of our team is an accomplished litigator in California, with our successful track record extending from state courts to federal. Although many cases can be settled out of court, we are also perpetually prepared to head to trial to defend your rights.

Supporting Businesses Since 1996

Nakase Wade business lawyers and corporate lawyers serve as strategic partners for businesses of all sizes across LA. Our business lawyers base our actions on practicality and the process of adding value to our clients’ companies. Our lawyers are professional and believe the best first step is to learn about a client. What opportunities are they interested in? What challenges are they facing?

We then communicate clearly with our clients regarding all legal actions and the outcomes we expect. We work with entrepreneurs,  small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and more giant corporations, but our dedication to our clients stays the same. Whether discussing incorporation or consulting with a client about human resources issues, our belief in finding the correct solution is unwavering.

Everyone Deserves Legal Advocacy

All small businesses can benefit from the talents of a skilled lawyer. Running a business is complex, and whether you are forming an LLC, dealing with a business dispute, or contemplating a course of legal action, we are here for you. Our lawyers know that all successful businesses need a strong foundation, and that begins with comprehensive and capable legal representation.

While many business owners only consider legal action when a dispute occurs, the most prominent businesses also utilize their legal advisors during daily operations. From transactions to questions about shutting down or expanding to conflicts, it is helpful to have a lawyer on your side as your business evolves.

Trial Lawyers

You may have heard that commercial litigation is worth avoiding, especially going to trial. In many ways, this is true, and our attorneys work hard to resolve disputes and other legal actions without some of the uncertainty associated with going to trial. However, there are indisputable instances where trial litigation is the best choice, and we can help figure this out. However, settlements are also a viable option since they generally imply lower risk and lower liability for both parties, as well as an earlier agreement. When our lawyers negotiate settlements for our clients, we also know that they will avoid at least some media exposure and negative public perception.

Settlements that Benefit You

While our team is committed to fast, well-executed settlements, we know that trial litigation is the best course of action. It would help if you had a small business lawyer who is well-prepared on all fronts, and each member of our team is unequivocally the best at what they do. Based on our vital preparation, experience, and willingness to go to court, we can negotiate the most advantageous settlements possible for our clients.

Business Law

California’s business laws can grow complex quickly, but our attorneys can break the key concepts down for you. We want to make sure you understand each term and vision before deciding how to proceed, and we will never rush you. We will litigate aggressively when a settlement cannot be reached that we deem reasonable for you to achieve the desired outcome. Our experience in Los Angeles, California, and knowledge of the business world in the city, is a critical components of our success.

One of our primary goals is to go beyond the expectations usually associated with small business lawyers. From small startups to larger S corps, we have helped businesses form their companies, leases, real estate questions, franchise law, succession, banking, contracts, business transfers, and much more.

Commercial Dispute & Commercial Litigation

Our team is well-equipped to handle many commercial disputes, from unfair competition to disputes over insurance coverage and everything in between. We have worked with clients on breaches of contracts, disputes among shareholders and owners, compliance violations, fraudulent activity, etc. When lawsuits arise, the best thing you can do is to contact a small business lawyer who is familiar with the city of Los Angeles and how business is conducted there. Our experience across California, with a wide range of legal issues, provides us with a cutting-edge advantage to help your business thrive. Whether through trial litigation, or a welcome settlement that benefits your company, a competent small business lawyer can be the key to a successful future.


Outcomes to Help Your Business Not Only Survive but Grow

At some point in your business career, you and your business will be involved in a commercial dispute. It should be noted that just because the court rules in your favor, this does not mean that the other party, or defendant, will be liable for damages. Our attorneys are aware that you must often receive damages that compensate the losses your business has faced in commercial litigation. This is where our business lawyers come in. We advocate for our clients, ensuring that the evidence itself cannot be ignored. Based on this, we will often claim persuasive damages.

The damages that you may be awarded also vary based on the type and context of the case. For example, in the case of breach of contract, clients might be able to recover damages matching their actual losses and profits lost. Damages that can be won range from those that are considered punitive, lost profits, fees for attorneys, damages for expectation, restitution, reliance, and many others. The critical thing to remember is that a talented small business lawyer will not rest until you get the damages you deserve.

Committed to Your Success

It is a simple concept: we are committed to your success. Why? When our clients succeed, we know they deserve to, and this victory reflects the hard work we have done together. Our small business lawyers in Los Angeles are committed to a smooth litigation process, during which we will keep you constantly informed. Our California business lawyers and attorneys believe that excellent legal assistance should be affordable. We have devised ways to limit costly overhead while using technology to save you money.


Nakase Wade: California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer

Each of our clients has unique businesses. These businesses come in different sizes and shapes and have different profit margins and goals. However, we know how important a small business is to every owner and shareholder, regardless of the size. Our experience in LA and across the great state of California puts us in a unique position to produce valuable, much-needed outcomes while placing the needs of our clients first. We believe our record of satisfying clients and making a difference in California speaks for itself. Give us a call today.