CACI 412 Duty of Care Owed Children

California Civil Jury Instructions CACI

412 Duty of Care Owed Children

An adult must anticipate the ordinary behavior of children. An adult must be more careful when dealing with children than with other adults.

Directions for Use

This instruction is to be used where the plaintiff seeks damages for injury to a minor.

For standard of care for minors, see CACI No. 402, Standard of Care for Minors.

Sources and Authority

“ ‘A child of immature years is expected to exercise only such care as pertains to childhood, and all persons dealing with such a child are chargeable with such knowledge. As a result, one dealing with children is bound to exercise a greater amount of caution than he would were he dealing with an adult.’ [Citations].” (Kataoka v. May Dept. Stores Co. (1943) 60 Cal.App.2d 177, 182–183 [140 P.2d 467].)

Schwartz v. Helms Bakery, Ltd. (1967) 67 Cal.2d 232, 240, 243 [60 Cal.Rptr. 510, 430 P.2d 68]; Hilyar v. Union Ice Co. (1955) 45 Cal.2d 30, 37 [286 P.2d 21].

“A greater degree of care is generally owed to children because of their lack of capacity to appreciate risks and to avoid danger.” (McDaniel v. Sunset Manor Co. (1990) 220 Cal.App.3d 1, 7 [269 Cal.Rptr. 196], citing Casas v. Maulhardt Buick, Inc. (1968) 258 Cal.App.2d 692, 697–700 [66 Cal.Rptr. 44].)

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